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Assorted Thoughts

- There isn't really a straightforward way to improve at art or some competitive video game. That's the point, really. These sort of activities should have many layers to them and complex interactions happening constantly to prevent the emergence of one dominant "strategy". Imagine if there were only one art style to paint in. So we make claims about certain strategies in art or games or whatever else, but the real value doesn't come from that particular idea itself. These discussions helps to improve our understanding of the discipline as a whole.

The Trouble with Getting Started | 2.11.2021

I've always been a procrastinator. The practice didn't exactly work in high school, but there was less on the line and I really was not one to care about grades. The situation has changed somewhat, however. Clients who need work from me as just one part in a team production don't have time to sit around and wait for me to feel like doing something.

The stupidest part is that once I eventually get around to starting, the work itself is pretty interesting and enjoyable. So why is it such a painful process to sit down and just work!? I'm pretty sure the issue is that I'm quite good at getting preoccupied with minutiae and overthinking in general. I'm pretty sure I also fall into the fallacy that I'll feel like doing something more later, so I should just wait until then. It almost never happens, maybe once in a thousand times.

The solution is probably to sit down for five minutes and work at it. And I can stop if I want once five minutes are up. This also covers the event where the task itself would take less than five minutes, in which case I should just do it. I've just been meaning to get around to start using this...

Osu! Rank vs. Playtime

This data was scraped from random osu! profiles using Python and Beautiful Soup. Accounts with less than 90 hours of playtime were not recorded.

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